Our Work

To help better serve you, and get you in and out as easily as possible. Please come prepared with the below items. If you are able to provide the below information, COVID testing will come at no cost to you.




  • Valid Driver's License.

  • Birth Certificate.

  • State-issued Identification Card.

  • Social Security Card.

  • Military Identification Card.

  • Passport, Passport Card or Visa.


Documents and Info

Upon arrival you will need to fill out two forms, a REC form and the HRSA COVID-19 uninsured program form. On the HRSA form you must provide one of the following.

  • Drivers License Number

  • Social Security Number

  • Passport Number

  • TIN Number

  • Visa Number

You may print and fill out the REC form prior to your arrival if you'd like. This will expedite your experience.